• Meet the Endurance Horses

    These horses belong to Wrong Turn Ranch and love new friends and riding adventures!

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    Zayit is a 9 year old Arabian gelding that we have had since he was just 4 1/2 months old. He was a foal considered not pretty enough to be in the show world that he was born into so we said yes to him joining our herd. Zayit has done quite a few LD rides over the last four years and has carried a variety of riders on these rides. He is playful, sassy, and loves to do new things. He is confident out on trail and is happy to lead or follow. He is neither overly energetic nor lazy, making for the perfect combination to ride. He is playful and silly, loves to be spoiled with extra love. This guy is looking for a rider in our endurance club to help get him to the next level of 50 milers or to continue on in LDs more consistently. He takes an intermediate level rider or up due to his playfulness.

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    Magnolia (aka My Gal Toots) is a 7 year old off the track thoroughbred. She had belonged to one owner her whole life and came in to the ranch for training several years ago. Her owner allowed her to race just two times before pulling her out of racing. She felt that the track was not an ideal place for a horse to be and wanted more for her special baby. We immediately all loved this mare's sassy giant self and she became a ranch favorite of many. With prices going up and up on horse care the owner came to an agreement where Magnolia could become a permanent resident at Wrong Turn Ranch. With training and herd living this giant mare became a quiet, uncomplicated riding partner. She LOVES to work and thinks she is a person. Since this mare is still a bit green we would like to see a confident intermediate or advanced rider to be her riding partner. Magnolia is a GIANT mare and will need someone who is confident getting on and off giant things.

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    Ami (Amirat Al Yakout) is a 15 year old Arabian mare that is just LOVELY. I have personally known this mare for 8 years and have loved her since the first day I met her. Although she has spent the majority of her life as a broodmare, she shows a love for being the center of attention and having a job. She has been out on trail a minimal amount of time and requires an advanced rider because she is very sensitive. She has not shown any behaviors that make her scary to ride, just that she requires an incredibly balanced and soft rider to help her feel confident. She is one of my favorites and with the lovely long stride she has she can eat up the miles.

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    Impulse is an 11 year old Arabian mare with a strong personality and desire to be the only child. Impulse has done many LD rides and did her first 50 mile ride last year easily. She is lovely and forward, comfortable to ride, and a bit hot. She takes a rider that pays attention because she would prefer no one ride up on her butt or she may kick! She will perform her heart out for you and is a great horse to share camping adventures with. We are fans. Although she is on the smaller side she is mighty in spirit.

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    Butterball can carry confident beginners (with guidance) through advanced riders and will be a different horse with each rider. He somehow knows that he needs to be a little careful with some riders and he does his job very well. This 16 year old mustang has done lots of rides from LDs to multi days and even 50 milers. He is strong and happy. He is uncomplicated on the ride and good on the trail. He enjoys the extra attention and would like a rider that spoils him with cookies.


    *the above glamour photo does not represent endurance riding at Wrong Turn Ranch where all riders must wear boots and helmets.

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    This 16 year old gelding has a story to tell! Ke’ahi was a special rescue that Rafe and Karen Pery said yes to. A 10 year old halter bred stallion that was only halter broke and quite the handful. He came to us with all kinds of issues to work on including having a trailer accident and being unable to trailer safely, thinking he could breed people, and thinking that striking out was an acceptable answer. With patience and lots of work he became the nice mannered horse he is today and is happy to join the endurance world. He has done two LDs and will be staying at this distance with experienced riders. He can be quite energetic and thinks that getting his feet wet is a no go. After all, he IS a California horse! He still thinks he needs to launch himself over the creeks when you come to them and needs more time to feel confident. He wants to have a person on board that loves to scratch him and has a need for speed because he likes to do a lovely extended trot!!!

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    Welcome to the magical world of endurance riding!


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    We have nine horses for confident beginners through advanced riders ready to partner with you for endurance training and conditioning.


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    Membership is $400 a month and includes two lessons at the ranch and two longer conditioning rides out on the lovely trails in our area. Also included: entry fee and hauling to one endurance ride per year. 



    Endurance club members are welcome to come during the week to work with their equine partner at leisure during ranch working hours in one of our three arenas or out around the ranch.  

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    For more information or to be added to the list of prospective endurance club members message Angi Murray